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The best escape room game in Amsterdam and teambuilding activity

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Ever been in an escape room with no digit locks?
Questomatica Amsterdam Escape Room Experiences are amazing activities for both beginners and advanced groups. A real-life adventure with unique puzzles, riddles and tasks where you are the main characters.
Two real and immersive experiences with strong story-lines as well as lights and music creating the feeling of being inside a game or movie.


"Great time, definitely recommend"

3 people team

based on 1127 reviews

Great time, definitely recommend (Arcade Invasion)
Highly recommend the Arcade Invasion room. The quality of the puzzles and room design was exceptional.

English or Dutch speakers will have no problem either way. We played with 3 players and had no problem. Overall, very satisfied with the experience. One of the best escape rooms I've done (of the 10+ I have completed).

"Matilda - Wake Room - So much fun!!!!"

2 people team

based on 1127 reviews

I went with my husband and it was our first escape room experience and we both LOVED it!! We were greeted by lovely staff especially Daisy who talked us through everything first and answered any questions we had. We were then totally immersed in the game for the next hour, time flew by.

The set and the puzzles were fantastic - it was one of the highlights of our trip to Amsterdam. Thanks guys :)

Puzzle-solving and adventure stories in Amsterdam escape room

2 people team

based on 1127 reviews

If it’s your ultimate dream to enter a video game in real life, then Questomatica and their escape rooms open up portals that’ll transport you straight into pixel land. 👾
Through the clever use of light and technology, Questomatica fuses non-digital and virtual reality into real-life gaming experiences. This company has collected over 1,100 reviews on Tripadvisor — and more than 1000 indicate a five-star ranking!

But let's just say... You're in for a heck of a Escape room :D

"Absolutely recommendable! :-D"

4 people team

based on 92 reviews

The Wake-Up escape room was part of our treasure hunting through Amsterdam for our bachelorette´s party. The bride to be needed to find different small presents somewhere throughout the city. Daisy, the host of Questomatica, was so kind and placed the gift very well hided in the escape room.

Also the room itself is really fun and really not easy! :-) Great experience!

"Great for family fun!"

Family with kids

based on 1119 reviews

We did it as family + friends with 2 kids aged 8 1/2 and almost 11 and they were totally into it & so much better than the adults! I especially liked the fact that all is based in logic & mechanics and no ipad / video / virtual reality is involved!

And winner from age 7 to 75 in our group!

"Solid and detailed rooms!"

4 people activity

based on 1119 reviews

With a group of colleagues I visited both rooms (Arcade Invasion and Wake Up!). Both are extremely fun and engaging. I loved Arcade Invasion especially because of the art. I'm a fanboy for the retro 1980/1990's video game style.

Well made!

"Wake up! and Arcarde Invasion - Lot of Fun!"

3 people teambuilding

based on 1119 reviews

Last Weekend we've played Wake up! and Arcarde Invasion back to back. Both rooms are really entertaining, challenging and a great example for storytelling in escape rooms. Creative riddles meet really atmospheric rooms.

We've enjoyed our stay, especially thanks to our great gamemaster.


Become "actors"
of one of our stories

Light and
sound effects

Sensors and
ultimate technology

Made to enjoy teamwork and spirit

Locks and keys are a thing of the past

Welcoming and experienced hosts

About project

  Once upon a time the small team of quirky artists-scientists-gamers came together to create real life escape room experience in Amsterdam. They mixed the technology with the gaming to get a real immersion where the game objects are real, tasks challenging and players must not only escape from a locked room, but lose themselves in the quest. The mixture was named Questomatica, where ‘Quest’ is an adventure, and ‘Automatic’, because this adventure is filled with a wide range of sensors to make you feel like you would be inside a video game or a movie.
    With over 10 years of experience in teambuilding the team of Questomatica opened 2 completely different and automated escape experiences in Amsterdam to bring this type of activity to a new level.

   Moment-to-moment our rooms surprise gamers and challenge the limits of their creativity and imagination. These quest experiences are more than locks and puzzles – these are the immersive experiences that leave reality far behind and make all the team work together to reach or …not to reach the victory!  

 So put down your phones and game consoles, do something unexpected, and bring your team on an unforgettable adventure.

Arcade Invasion

years old with parents

years old without parents

no special skills required

language is not a problem

It took the creators over 15 months of construction to build this thrilling escape room.
Walk around 8bit landscapes, see what is inside the brick question box and fight the invaders face-to-face with the help of a pixelated laser gun!

6 max

One child under 12 years old plays for free, keeping the total group size 6 max.

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Wake Up!

years old with parents

years old without parents

no special skills required

language is not a problem

Matilda’s dreams are always happy and cheerful, but this time something went wrong. Thousands of fantasies, riddles and illusions got mixed up in a mysterious and unpredictable knot, and you are trapped right in the middle of it!
Become a part of an exciting adventure full of unexpected twists, unique tasks and unusual riddles. Carefully designed setting, light and sound effects create a truly immersive atmosphere providing experience that will be difficult to forget.

5 max

One child under 12 years old plays for free, keeping the total group size 6 max.

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Game rules
Only you and your team, no Google to back you up

We will ask you to leave outside your bags, phones, tablets, laptops, lockpicks, screwdrivers, pins, scissors, pliers, saws and any other tools and devices. All you need is your brain, your hands and a strong team spirit.

Do not force it

There are no tasks that require physical or brutal force. If something doesn’t open or move - do not force it.

Light bulbs are light bulbs.

This is not a computer game. Everything is real, so lamps run on electricity and if you break glass you may cut yourself.

Alcohol/drugs not allowed

The game masters have the right to refuse admission to anybody suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In this case there will be no refunds. It is a game where you need to focus and communicate. It will spoil everybody’s fun if you come straight from a pub or coffee shop.

You are not alone

Cameras and microphones are installed in every room. In case something goes wrong the game masters will immediately come to help you.

No spoilers

Please do not discuss the details of the game right after you left the room - you can spoil the fun for those who have not played yet.


If you are new to escape games, it is recommended that you begin with WakeUp!. It is our first escape room and first-time players might find it less overwhelming. Paradoxically, it is also a challenging game for experienced players, thanks to its unique puzzles. Arcade Invasion is our newest game and is designed as an expert level experience, challenging teamwork. We do not wish to discourage you from taking on this challenge, note that both games have proven to be enjoyable and challenging for new as well as experienced players and the level of difficulty can be adjusted with extra hints.

The recommended team size for an intense experience is 2-4 people for WakeUp! and 3-5 people Arcade Invasion.
For some groups it is more important to stay together and put more energy in their teamwork, so a total of 6 players is allowed.
Our experience shows that teams 6 players greatly enjoy the atmosphere and the team work solving tasks all together.
We want to make sure you have the best experience while playing our games, if your team is bigger than the maximum size please, contact us to find the best layout for your event.

YES! This is an awesome family activity. Our games were designed as an activity for groups of adults, but children can join them to play from the age of 8 and enjoy the adventure. It is actually a lot of fun to see how well kids perform on a lot of tasks as they are usually a lot better at thinking outside of the box and have an amazing imagination. Bring the kids, and have a fun-filled quality time with your family!
Without adults, the recommended age limit is 16.

You can book 2 time slots that are close to each other and we will start both teams at the same time (the one in between: for example 17:45 for bookings at 17:30 Arcade Invasion + 18:00 WakeUp!).
This way a group of 12 people maximum can be hosted.
Please contact us to discuss a layout for a bigger group.

Since we are located in the international city of Amsterdam and our guests come from different language backgrounds, the games themselves do not require much knowledge of any language. Language is not a problem inside the games as none of the tasks or puzzles involve language skills. For hints, we offer multilingual games, with 9 different languages, including Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Russian, German, Italian or Swedish. Just let your host know about your preferences once you arrive.

We usually ask the people who didn’t escape to stay quiet in the room and not scare the next team who enter to play ;)
In other words you will never know unless you try!

Changes or cancellation must be done 72 hours prior to the start time of your game. There extra changes for changes within 72 hours from the original booking time. Cancellations are not possible within 72 hours from that start time.

The entire visit will last up to 90 minutes, all depending on your teamwork. The game itself is 60 minutes and the extra time is for briefing before and after your game, preparations, story and team picture at the end.

You can always just drop by for a visit and we will try our best to set up a game for you. But to be sure that you get the game slot you desire, we recommend that you make a booking in advance, via our website, by email or giving us a call. Note that weekends, especially Saturdays, get booked up quickly!

We think that putting in too many people will compromise the experience. We tested our game thoroughly and established a maximum size of the team for each game.
We want everyone to enjoy the experience to its full and therefore the team size should be not more than 6 people.

No.This time it is not about size but about fun and quality. We heard feedback from other teams that played within a big group and some of the team members stayed aside, didn't enjoy or didn't take an active role in the game. We want to make sure everyone gets a unique and unforgettable experience and increasing the amount of players will result in this not being achieved.

Please arrive close to the time when your game is scheduled as we have limited waiting facilities. We kindly ask you not to come earlier than 10 minutes before your game starts.
Should you be running late, please call us.
Be aware that if you are late for your game, we may not be able to accommodate you anymore. There will be no refund.

No. All you need to bring is a strong team spirit. No special skills are needed to play our games and you will actually lock all your belongings upon arrival. Everything you need for this team adventure, is already inside the game.

Yes, we would love to assist you with that! We love surprises and we like to think we’re pretty good at them too ;)
When you make your booking, feel free to send us an email about the special occasion and let us in on the surprise. We will do our best to make the experience extra cosy and enjoyable for all. Our staff is known to go the extra mile and we all love making your special occasion truly unforgettable.
We also offer gift certificates - if you’d like to know more or buy a certificate online click ‘Make a gift’ at the top of our webpage.

Normally we say ‘yes’ but this is obviously at your own risk. It doesn't require major physical challenges and as long as you have a supportive team, we think you'll do just fine.
We haven’t delivered any babies here yet!

No no no, enough questions for now. Just make sure you are just in time for your game, ready to have fun and we will answer your of your questions in person! You can also reach us on the phone or use the contact form if you're wondering about something else.
We look forward to your visit!

Team building for your organisation

Escape rooms are terrific for corporate events looking for a new kind of team building activity. This is the ultimate challenge for those problem solving skills and testing one’s ability to communicate working towards a mutual goal. With plenty years in the Event Management industry, we are always up for a challenge to satisfy our customers’ needs. We are known to go the extra mile and we love making your special occasion unforgettable.
Please contact us to choose the best layout for large groups (up to 45 people and more).

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    Questomatica escape room experiences are located within 10-15 minutes walk from Amsterdam Central train station, right next to the NEMO Science center. The closest metro is Waterlooplein. If you are coming by car, the exit from the IJtunnel conveniently is just a minute away, and sometimes parking spots on the street are available. It is Amsterdam city center, so finding free parking spot might take time.

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