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Team building with Questomatica

With more than 10 years of international experience in the Team-building industry we are always up for an challenge to satisfy our customers needs. We love making your special occasion unforgettable.

Our escape rooms are an exceptional choice for the companies looking for a ultimate teambuilding activity.

We offer very creative, theatrical and interactive set ups as an excellent place to test your abilities to communicate on working towards a mutual goal, to generate ideas but also support and listen your colleagues' ideas and of course to share the fun and joy of solving the «problems» on your way to the victory.

If you wish to book the Escape Experiences without extras, please book your games online by pressing "BOOK NOW".
Conscious Experience

2 hours maximum including the game time. *Also possible ONLINE*

From 4 people

  • Escape Room experience for everyone
  • Receive structured feedback
  • Improve your teamwork

65€ pers.


Watch your colleagues or friends escape

8-17 people

  • Escape Room experience for everyone
  • Cinema Experience for 1 team (50€ extra)
  • Popcorn included

45€ pers.

Escape and Grow

Creative workshop
to complement and reinforce the escape experience.

8-22 people

  • Escape Room experience for everyone
  • 2 hours creative session in addition to the playing time
  • Customized theme for the creative session that accommodates needs of your team

from 120€ pers.

Team building

Our events provide remote teams with space to “pause & reconnect”: share fun, challenge and excitement and enjoy each other’s company in an unusual context.

Virtual Escape Room

  • Plan a smooth event for groups from 4 to 25 people
  • Additional trainings to strengthen the bonds and foster interpersonal communication

from 35€ pers.

Conscious Experience

We offer a Conscious Experience package for teams who want to make the most out of their escape experience. Apart from being loads of fun, Escape Games also provide great insight into how team members work together, communicate, or approach solving puzzles. This takes an additional 45 minutes outside of the 60 minute escape, and offers a chance for the team to make observations about their team dynamics, while also receiving structured feedback from our trained game operators.

Prior to the game the team members will receive a short, but structured description to look out for during the game regarding one aspect of their team dynamics. Following the escape game itself the team(s) will receive a short feedback regarding their communication, problem solving, main strengths and teamwork from one of our experienced game hosts. After, the team members will also get a chance to share their feedback and discuss their observations.

Cinema Experience - Watch your colleagues Escape

If the size of your team exceeds the capacity of our two rooms we recommend the following option.

First Round: Team #1 will come play our Wake up! room. Meanwhile Team #2 and #3 can have a coffee or drink close by (excluded from the offer).

Second Round: Team #2 and Team #3 will play our two rooms. Team #1 will get a chance to watch Team #2 escape from Wake up! on a projector screen in our cozy Cinema theater, with popcorn and drinks (included).

Cinema experience will help your team to evaluate and digest the game they just played and enjoy watching their colleagues playing. This is guaranteed fun as they know all the hidden surprises in the room and can hear and see the game from every camera angle!

Escape and Grow Workshop.

Our Escape Rooms are designed for team building purposes, as the success of escaping the room depends greatly on the team’s ability to communicate effectively, have a structured approach to problem solving, task delegation and be able to work together in a team. We offer the opportunity to complement the escape experience with a fun team building session with creative exercises, that will allow participants practice teamwork and communication in a playful and engaging atmosphere.

This team building consist of two creative, playful exercises in addition to the escape room experiences. One exercise concentrating on effective communication, the other on brainstorming techniques. For more information about the structure and content of the team building please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are more than happy to personalize our offer according to your specific preferences.

Trainings and Escape Rooms

The covid hits again, governments tighten the rules, and for many teams working remotely becomes "the new normal". Many of us have not seen our co-workers for months, and some have started on new jobs, having never met their new colleagues in person. It becomes a real challenge to keep teams collaborative, enthusiastic and aligned on a goal.

More and more companies are looking for fun activities in order to strengthen the bonds and foster interpersonal communication within their departments. To address this, we at Questomatica have developed a new online program, based on some of the highest-rated escape rooms in Amsterdam.

“The team was very excited with sessions and spreading the word across the Global Team. Expect more calls.” Vice-president IT, international company with 5000+ employees

Our online events provide remote teams with space to “pause & reconnect”: share fun, challenge and excitement and enjoy each other’s company in an unusual context.

Our events are 100% fun. However, they bring along many benefits, particularly in areas of Strategy and Planning, Team Communication, Collaboration, Innovation and Experimentation. To take full advantage of these benefits, we facilitate short sessions before and after the escape room.

Interested in finding out more? Feel free to contact us via

Please contact us via to reserve an event or to receive a quote or if you have a fun idea, doubts or questions! Please specify a total amount of people for your event, a contact phone number, preferable date(s) and time brackets so we can see what is the best set up for your needs. We will get back to you shortly!